• Introducing Clockwork Orange: The Liqueur That Stands On Its Own

    New Holland Brewing Co. | Emily Haines I am not a professional bartender. I am not a budding mixologist. I am not a craft cocktail columnist. I am, however, a woman who loves a good margarita. And it’s because of my love of this tasty cocktail, that I got abnormally excited about the launch of our new orange liqueur  - Clockwork Orange. (Hint: Hitting shelves June 1!)Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 1.10.48 PM As the person who types up press releases and the like, it’s easy to wax poetic about the rich, deep flavors of our whiskey program or our artfully crafted gin and its twelve-botanical blend or how craft daiquiris made with our rum make summer on the lake pretty much perfect. But orange liqueur has some preconceived notions about it and there aren’t very many American-made craft versions out there. So, I took home our Pub recipe for a scratch margarita along with some Clockwork Orange and Hatter Royale Hopped Whiskey and thought there’s really no better way to explain this spirit than through one of my favorite cocktails.
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  • You Had Me At "Handcrafted" : A Tour Guide's Tale

    New Holland Brewing Co. | Taylor Remy

    The year is 1996. Americans spent their evenings watching E.R. and Seinfeld while the kids played with Tickle Me Elmo. Their weekends were spent at the movies watching Jerry McGuire and Mission: Impossible. Fame on the playground was earned collecting all the mini Beanie Babies showing up in Happy Meals or getting the Macarena just right at the school dance.

    While people were busy cranking their radios every time “No Diggity” came on during the morning commute, two2013-08-24 00.58.41 young men were putting their heads together and turning a dream into reality. Holland, MI was about to be put on the craft beer map, and enjoying a cold brew on the shore of Lake Michigan would never be the same again.
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