• New Holland Kicks Off Stop and Taste Harvest Dinner Series by Going Straight to the Source

    New Holland Brewing Co. | Emily Haines New Holland Brewing Co. will kick off its collaborative Stop & Taste Harvest Dinner Series with Grange in Ann Arbor, MI on July 24 at 6:30pm. Staff from the brewery and the restaurant will tour area farms, visiting with farmers to source ingredients for their pending multi-course dinner. The menu and pairings is inspired by the ingredients and the season, ensuring a dinner that is “from the moment.” The trip, dinner and pairings are orchestrated by Grange’s Executive Chef, Brandon Johns the New Holland’s “Beervangelist” Fred Bueltmann. Grange_HarvestDinner_Poster_2014 “The format is inspired by relationships we’ve developed with local farms and the talented restaurants who feature them,” says Bueltmann. “These dinners invite people to connect with the ongoing harvest all around us, and the beauty of our agriculture.  By designing dishes that showcase the ingredients in their peak moments, while artfully integrating beer, we engage the very best parts of eating and drinking seasonally.”
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    Jun 30, 2014
  • Session Beer Series - Because Some Conversations Last Longer Than a Pint Does

    New Holland Brewing Co. | Emily Haines We've heard it before - "Craft beer is too heavy"; "I can only have one or I'll fall over"; "Holy High ABV, Batman!" We get it - and hey, we've got our share of deep, rich beers that roll in at 11% ABV. But we also believe in great session beers. Session beers come from a long-standing tradition of sitting down with your mates over pints and SessionBeer copyswapping stories for a spell. Our session beers are brewed to go easy on the ABV (Alcohol By Volume), but not on the flavor. In January, we announced at our annual Wholesaler Summit that we'd be offering three great beers in a newly-defined "Session Beer" category. New Holland's very first beer - Paleooza Pale Ale (4.4% ABV); Sundog Amber Ale (4.5% ABV) and Full Circle Kolsch (4.2% ABV).
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    Jun 5, 2014 | tag(s): full circle, paleooza, session, sundog,