• Carhartt Woodsman: Road Home to Craftsmanship - Midnight Train to Denver

    As the crew prepares to wrap up the tour tonight at our GPS Mountain-view Party (coordinates here), our own Beervangelist had a moment to reflect on how far the crew has come and what it means to craft... September 30, 2014 | Fred Bueltmann As our Road Home to Craftsmanship Tour schedule came together, we wrestled with the Omaha to Denver leg.  For a number of reasons, we had to push Omaha’s event to Monday, thus making a challenging travel leg to get to Denver in time for our Mountain View Cookout, the penultimate stop on this crazy trip. Our caravan divided into a few smaller groups, each with their mission. The ever capable and tenaciousScreen Shot 2014-09-30 at 8.27.08 AM Dixie and EZ would take the RV and support crew, while entertainers, Tim and Pride of Gypsies hung back to hit the Reverb Lounge.
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  • Carhartt Woodsman: Road Home to Craftsmanship Tour - Lovin' Every Spoonful

    September 26, 2014 | Fred Bueltmann I over heard someone around the campfire say, “You know you’re hanging with the right crowd when somebody makes a spoon out of firewood” and I couldn’t agree more. Wisconsin welcomed us on Wednesday with a beautiful campsite off Bender Park, a mere two hundred yards from the shore of Lake Michigan. The campsite was an idyllic setting to talk with the guys from Guitars 4 Vets, while also introducing them to Drew, fellow guitar maker, veteran and spoon maker. Upon our arrival, Drew found a piece of walnut in the firewood pile, and started chopping at it with his trusty axe. Before long, he was shaping it with more refined tools and knives. The next morning, Drew shared his story with the camera and 10641081_10152712888291661_1594423599840161629_nfilm crew, while sitting on the trail, working the spoon’s into its final shape.  Each stroke of the blade, nicking, cutting and smoothing the walnut seemed to be unspoken words, shaping and coloring his story with quiet authenticity.  It was a special moment that I’ll cherish for a long time. This afternoon, the day of Drew’s departure, we have an oiled camp spoon, mixing the roux for tonight’s gumbo.
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  • Carhartt Woodsman: Road Home to Craftsmanship Tour - Momentum Is Building

    Fred and the crew have continued down the road from Detroit to Grand Rapids. A quick stop by New Holland's Pub on 8th and off to Ludington to cross Lake Michigan. Here's more from Fred on the Road Home tour... September 24, 2014 | Fred Bueltmann The Road Home Crew is gaining momentum, as we’ve picked up some new crew members via our hometown, Holland, MI.  Jason, New Holland’s head brewer, Bert, our pub brewer, along with Dave Turner, our cellar master are now in tow.  We had a lovely evening on the patio of our Pub on 8th - sharing stories with employees, regulars and local 10702057_10152437470798002_4558335908932075958_nCarhartt retailers. We are feasting on story. Yesterday was one of our busiest days, touching three cities. We started with Brandon’s breakfast of brisket hash and eggs by the campfire at Ponyride, before breaking camp early and heading for Meijer in Grand Rapids, followed by our Pub in Holland, before eventually jettisoning to Ludington to be ready for this morning’s early ferry.
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  • Carhartt Woodsman: Road Home to Craftsmanship Tour - The First Few Steps

    Fred Bueltmann, New Holland's VP of Brand & Lifestyle is working his way from Detroit to Denver with our Road Home to Craftsmanship Tour and taking the time to jot down stories along the way. You can follow the tour here on the blog until the crew wraps in Denver on October 2 for GABF. September 22, 2014 | Fred Bueltmann Our heads are filled with thoughts and inspiration.  On Saturday we braved the rain in Lake City and set up shop supporting the hundreds of artists and volunteers that make Earthworks Harvest Gathering special. Michigan pines stood tall as thousands of people camped underneath, basking in music, food and community in theScreen Shot 2014-09-22 at 8.33.43 AM most remarkable way.  When Seth Bernard talks about how their farm and music weave together, and how they are both for and from the community, his eyes brighten and his bearded smile warms the room, no matter that he’s under the weather and it’s two hours before the 1:30 am closing set in the Barn Stage. Seth leads the festival along with wife May and father Bob, and their Harvest Gathering, was the perfect “friends and family” first stop of the Road Home to Craftsmanship Tour.
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  • The Carhartt Woodsman: The Road Home to Craftsmanship Tour - Hits the Road Sept. 20

    When we got the call from Carhartt saying they wanted to collaborate on a brew to celebrate 125 years of making gear for those who outwork them all – we were all in. Because, hey, we’re pretty passionate about making something for when the work is done. A nice, cold craft beer.tcw-trailer-crop This was the beginning of The Carhartt Woodsman – a barrel-aged pale ale that was brewed and barreled for the hard-working men and women of this country by two companies that believe in craftsmanship, artistry and the well-earned thirst that comes from creating something from nothing.
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