• 7 IPAs and 1 Whiskey From a World Gone Mad

    Don’t be late…for this very important date!   No one will want to miss a moment of our Hatter Days Street Party on June 13th – with all the fun kicking off at 3:30pm. It’s our way to celebrate our birthday, summer on the lakeshore and our entire family of Hatters!   While we’re moving from College Ave. to the parking lot behind the Pub (9th and College) due to road construction – it’ll be all the same fun. And we can’t thank our neighbors enough for working with us to make this a great community event!
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    Jun 9, 2015
  • We have gone MAD here. -April 9, 2015

    No kidding – when you first tell someone you’re changing the recipe on your second-oldest and one of your top-selling brands – people look at you like you’re a little bonkers. But as Alice from Wonderland said “Yes. But all the best people are (bonkers).”
    For us – it’s crazier to not listen to the mini-Hatter in our brain that is whispering “Come on, try something new.” It’s nuts to not take advantage of the amazing agriculture and terroir of the fertile soil of our home state. It’s certifiably insane to ignore our adventurous spirit and that same feeling in our guts that told us to start a brewery in 1997.
    The truth is – not everyone is gonna be happy about the changes. Change is hard for us humans. Believe us – we’ve had moments during this process when we thought “Shut up, nagging voice of inspiration. You’re not invited to this party. Go home.” But that’s not how nagging voices work. Damn.
    Here’s what the nagging voice had to say:
    • We’ve been working with local farms for a long time now and we think Michigan has seen some of the most exciting agricultural growth in the country (that’s right – we used “agriculture” and “exciting” in the same sentence.) And you know what? We want to feature it in our flagship IPA.
    • We have been a part of developing a unique style – the Midwest IPA. What the heck does that mean? Michigan hops are bright and citrus-forward. Michigan malt is smooth and creamy. The two together? Magic. It’s peppered with the very Midwestern traits of hard work, humility and humor (you don’t make it through a Michigan winter without all three).
    • Mad Hatter is the second beer we ever brewed. Brett was 25-years-old back in 1997. I know more now. We, as a company, know more now. We have more developed palates and we’re gonna be honest – we are never above saying “Huh? Think we could make this even better?” There are no sacred cows.
    • We’ve hidden our inner “Hatter” over the years. We’ve been working hard to ensure quality and consistent products. We also want to build a thriving business and to provide a great place for our people to work and to make sure we’ll be around because those people are depending on us. And hey – we’re getting the hang of this whole business thing and it’s time to dig back into ourselves and feel like artists again. Just like any artist – it’s hard to know if people will like what you pour your heart and soul into, but – that’s not why anyone creates art.
    So, you know – there it is. We’re trying something new. We’re going out on a limb. We’re going in big. And we’ll let the chips fall where they may. But we’ll know that we didn’t ignore our gut, our instincts or that pain-in-the-ass-nagging voice – who looks a lot like a crazy dude in a big red hat.
    Sure – this whole experiment might be a little bonkers, but you know, all the very best things we’ve ever done have been a little crazy. So maybe we all are a little mad here.

    Apr 9, 2015
  • WhiskyWeek Chicago is April 6 - April 10 and the New Holland Crew Will Be There!

    glencairn-wwWe're calling it. We survived Winter. Our reward? Whisky Week in Chicago April 6 - 10. Come and celebrate whiskey with us! The New Holland Crew will be hitting the town and celebrating a week of the good stuff at the following places:
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    Apr 6, 2015
  • Grand Rapids Cold Beer Hot Eats is Feb. 16-28 and the New Holland Crew Will Be There!

    There’s no such thing as the "winter blues" in Michigan. Especially with the 2015 Michigan Brewers Guild Winter Beer Festival and Cold Beer Hot Eats – February 16-28. 111956We're hosting a MBG Winter Beer Fest Bus leaving from Holland on 2/28! If you've already got your beer fest tickets, we'll get you there in style! Check HERE for more details! The New Holland Crew will be celebrating a week of Brews & Schmooze at the following places:  
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    Feb 2, 2015 | tag(s): beer, beer dinner, beervangelist, festival, grand rapids,
  • It's National Irish Coffee Week! (Seriously, we don't make this stuff up...)

    January 26, 2015 | New Holland Brewing Co. We can't say the whole thing is sanctioned by Congress, but the general consensus on the Internet is that National Irish Coffee Week is the last week of January (not to be confused with National Irish Coffee Day - which is January 25th.) This seems like as good an excuse as any to pull out the whiskey, coffee, sugar and cream and mix up a smooth Irish Coffee for our Pub patrons! It's also a great cocktail to try at home on those crisp winter nights. So here's an easy version - for you to try yourselves!

    IRISH COFFEEIrishCoffee_2015-01-23 11.00.55 copy

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