• Day 1 from the Road: The Carhartt Woodman Tour

    *This series of posts is written by our National Events Manager, Taylor. Offering a perspective no one else can, Taylor takes us behind the scenes of The Carhartt Woodsman Tour and gives us a glimpse into life on the road with the merry band of Carhartt Storytellers and – while at it – teaches us all a little about life and love and stopping & tasting. Enjoy.*




    Dear Diary,

    Day 1 of The Carhartt Woodsman Tour was a huge success. While we didn’t leave on time, the last 24 hours have been filled with plenty of conversations with new and old friends. We first stopped at Empire Hop Farms where we saw harvest in full swing, with fresh hops being dried and baled. I met Allison, a young woman who left the mundane life of corporate life to grow barley and pursue agriculture. When she didn’t have her own roaster to dry her grain, she welded one herself. If that doesn’t embody the Carhartt Spirit, I don’t know what does.

    We then headed to Joe’s Friendly Tavern where the Carhartt Storytellers sang to the hardworking people of Empire, MI.

    We are now falling asleep to the sound of rain and thunder in the van, as our tent flooded while we were in town.

    Day one…a blooming success. I’ll keep you updated on our progress.