• Day 2 from the Road: The Carhartt Woodsman Tour

    *This series of posts is written by our National Events Manager, Taylor. Offering a perspective no one else can, Taylor takes us behind the scenes of The Carhartt Woodsman Tour and gives us a glimpse into life on the road with the merry band of Carhartt Storytellers and – while at it – teaches us all a little about life and love and stopping & tasting. Enjoy.*




    Dear Diary,

    Day 2: I can’t remember the last time I was up until 4:30 am. I’m cold, I’m wet, I’m tired beyond all reason…but I’m happy and energized.
    We left this morning from Empire after surviving the storm and grabbing some breakfast from Friendly Joe’s.

    We made a quick pitstop to pick up supplies that we desperately needed for camp before making our way to the Earthworks Harvest Gathering.

    We made it just in time for our set, but the guys put on a great show!

    Musicians from all over Michigan and the U.S. enjoyed some Carhartt Woodsman and some New Holland Brewing specialty cocktails in the hospitality area tucked behind an old barn that serves as one of the festival stages.

    After breaking down the bar at 2:00 a.m. musicians gathered under tents filled with worn, vintage living room furniture and lit up by old Christmas lights. Fiddles, guitars, banjos and shakers wove together classic melodies from across the decades as singers from every genre of band lent their voices to beautiful harmonies.

    As I fall asleep to the sound of rain, I remember today’s lesson: take the time to Stop & Taste, brush off the uncontrollable things like rain, and harmonize with those around you.