• Day 3 from the Road: The Carhartt Woodsman Tour

    *This series of posts is written by our National Events Manager, Taylor. Offering a perspective no one else can, Taylor takes us behind the scenes of The Carhartt Woodsman Tour and gives us a glimpse into life on the road with the merry band of Carhartt Storytellers and Рwhile at it Рteaches us all a little about life and love and stopping & tasting. Enjoy.*



    Dear Diary,

    Day 3 started off like Day 2: packing up in the rain. The Stop And Taste trailer got stuck in the mud trying to get out, but our new festival friends proved that all you need is a group of people looking after each other to accomplish any task. I guess the tractor didn’t hurt.

    After a breakfast of artisan bread and squash soup, we hit the road to Detroit, but not before a local Peacock fell in love with his reflection in our van bumper. His cries of “I’ll never love again” as we drove away were humorously heartbreaking, and proved to be an interesting start to the day.

    The team made its first stop of the evening at the Carhartt store in Detroit, but that’s where I parted ways. I made the drive back to Holland just in time to officiate the wedding of my close friends, Jenney and Elizabeth. After two days of sweat, rain, mud and flannel, it was nice to be with people I love, dressed up, and celebrating everlasting companionship. Being able to be a part of their day is one of the happiest moments of my life.

    After a brief ceremony, a champagne toast, some tamales and cake, I made the drive back to the team in Detroit just as they were wrapping up their set at HopCat Detroit.

    After 9 hours of driving, Day 3’s lesson is this: no journey is too far to share a moment with the ones you care about. Grab a coffee with that old college roommate. Take a day trip to see that relative you’ve been meaning to visit. Call Mom.

    Take the time to Stop and Taste with those you love, because more often than not the company you keep is more important than the flavors on your plate and in your glass.