• Day 4 from the Road: The Carhartt Woodsman Tour

    *This series of posts is written by our National Events Manager, Taylor. Offering a perspective no one else can, Taylor takes us behind the scenes of The Carhartt Woodsman Tour and gives us a glimpse into life on the road with the merry band of Carhartt Storytellers and – while at it – teaches us all a little about life and love and stopping & tasting. Enjoy.*



    Dear Diary,

    Day 4 found me waking up after 4 hours of sleep. At any other point I would have been exhausted beyond all reason, but there is a special energy on the road trip that supersedes all senses.

    We made the 10 hour trek from Detroit to Columbia, Missouri. When 7 grown men get in a single van together, you would think everything would be quick, streamlined and painless.

    You would be wrong.

    There are just as many pit stops for snacks and potty breaks as if I were hauling a day care. However, the day was enriched with tales of our families, our childhoods, past jobs, past loves, and too many stories to count.

    We laughed, we reminisced, and we ignored the phones and headphones and reveled in each other’s company.

    When we finally reached Columbia, we shared our stories and songs with dear friends from Missouri, singing out to the night on the rooftop of Quinton’s. With the distant views of the illuminated campus, the mesmerizing melodies of our musicians, and the good food and drink, it was like living in a dream. Maybe it was the lack of sleep, but who knows?

    Afterwards, we found a piano on a street corner and Fred tickled the ivories while Nicholas sang. Strangers heading home after last call gathered around and soaked in the beautiful surprise of music that put the icing on the metaphorical cake they was a beautiful night.
    However, I am now in a real bed and I can’t wait to get a handle on some actual sleep.

    However, Day 4 leaves me with this lesson:
    Learn that new secret from an old friend. Be it a hidden musical talent, a passion for a particular author, or a disgust for all things mushroom, dig a little deeper and find something new in the familiar. We so often get caught up in discovering the new and exciting that we forget to explore the people and things that we love.