New Holland Brewing Announces New Seasonal Brands And Expansion Of Dragon’s Milk Stout

New Holland Brewing Co. | January 10, 2019

New Holland Brewing Company, West Michigan-based craft brewer and distiller, is kicking off 2019 with the announcement of two new seasonal brands and an addition to the Dragon’s Milk™ brand family. 

“We are excited about our new line-up that focuses on innovative recipes that we feel are really going to strike a chord with our customers,” said Joel Petersen, Vice President of Beer Sales. “We know consumers continue to look for brands that push the envelope for what beer can be, and our production team has responded with some outstanding recipes this year – much like our Tangerine Space Machine we introduced last year, which became our #1 draft brand in Michigan in 2018.” 

Dragon’s Milk fans can look forward to a delicious new Dragon’s Milk brand extension in a 12oz can to be released February 2019. The new addition to the Dragon’s Milk family builds upon the stout’s bold new branding and #ShareALegend campaign, which can be seen at 

“This announcement will be an exciting one for our team as we work to expand the Dragon’s Milk brand and initiative with a delicious new beer, inspired by the best-selling barrel aged stout. This new variety will be the first 2019 addition to our core lineup and will be available nationwide,” said Brett Vanderkamp, President and Co-Founder of New Holland. “New Holland will continue to release four Dragon’s Milk Reserve brands throughout the year.” 

The first new seasonal offering is a Kombucha IPA, releasing in late February of 2019. This IPA combines the refreshing fruit forward flavor of a citra hopped IPA with the tartness and spiciness of a lemon and ginger Kombucha. As soon as the can is opened, consumers will be met with flavors of fresh ginger, tart acidity, tropical fruits and citrus.

The second new offering is “Cerveza con Limón,” a Mexican-style lager. The ideal summer beverage, releasing in July 2019, is light, crisp and refreshing featuring natural lemon and lime peel. 

“To our knowledge, our Kombucha IPA is the first IPA of its kind and we are incredibly optimistic about the response it will get from our consumers,” said Petersen. “Both of our new seasonal offerings will be available in the Mid-West and other select states. In addition to these exciting new varieties, we are also shifting our popular Passion Blaster Rose Ale from a seasonal brew to a year-round offering due to its popularity in 2018.” 

The 2019 sour lineup will continue with 4 brands, releasing individually throughout the year. Three of which will showcase fruits such as Concord Grape, Mango, and Plum. As always, New Holland expects to maintain some flexibility in its lineup throughout the year, and encourages consumers to follow along for additional announcements on Facebook and Instagram.

About New Holland Brewing Company 

For more than 20 years, New Holland Brewing Company has been an integral member of the artisan approach, pursuing playful creativity in its authentic beer, spirits and foodservice. New Holland believes the notion of craft lives in fostering rich experiences for customers, including at its two brewpubs in Grand Rapids and Holland, Michigan. New Holland brews at least 20 beers each year, in addition to their flagship stout, Dragon’s Milk™, a full line of spirits and ready-to-drink cocktails. New Holland Brewing Co. sells nearly 40,000 barrels of beer annually and 12 types of spirits across 38 states and 4 countries.


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