A spirited life deserves a spirited drink.

After almost a decade of craft-brewing, distilling was a natural extension for us. As perpetual students of fermentation, the art of creating alcohol, the next step of distilling into a more pure state, came easy. We coax flavor all the way from the brewhouse through our Prohibition-era still and into the barrel or the bottle, until it meets your glass.

Our philosophy remains true; we are dedicated to discovering artful nuances while delivering unique and interesting spirits in their most tasteful form. Inspired by our desire to pour spirits and cocktails alongside our beers in our growing pub in Holland, MI – we have created a balanced portfolio of spirits that are a friend to any bartender.

If it seems simple – it is – the way most great things are.

In the end, we’ve created a line of spirits that can live up to your own artful way of life.

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