• It's National Irish Coffee Week! (Seriously, we don't make this stuff up...)

    January 26, 2015 | New Holland Brewing Co. We can't say the whole thing is sanctioned by Congress, but the general consensus on the Internet is that National Irish Coffee Week is the last week of January (not to be confused with National Irish Coffee Day - which is January 25th.) This seems like as good an excuse as any to pull out the whiskey, coffee, sugar and cream and mix up a smooth Irish Coffee for our Pub patrons! It's also a great cocktail to try at home on those crisp winter nights. So here's an easy version - for you to try yourselves!

    IRISH COFFEEIrishCoffee_2015-01-23 11.00.55 copy

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  • A Hearty Welcome to Our Additional Still at New Holland Artisan Spirits!

    January 22, 2015 | Emily Haines In November 2014, New Holland brought together their own facilities team and some expert contractors to build a 2,000-gallon still as a major addition to their production distillery. The new still will work in concert with the 600-gallon Prohibition-era still that has been responsible for all the New Holland Artisan Spirits flowing through production. We’ve got to say – it’s so awesome to be sending thousands of gallons of wash through the still each week; particularly as we ramp up our bourbon production to keep up with Beer Barrel Bourbon demand. We sat down with our Head Distiller, Brad Kamphuis, to chat a bit about the (as yet un-named) still. 2015-01-22 08.15.28
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